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Individual Therapy

The original and most popular form of therapy. This isn’t your typical “lay on a couch and talk about your feelings'' session (granted, you can totally do that if that’s your thing). During our time together we’ll explore and process emotions, identify unhealthy behavior and thinking patterns, and work toward healthy changes…and probably laugh a lot along the way. 

Not a fan of meeting in the office or via Zoom? No worries. I also offer walk & talk sessions (weather permitting). There are several mental and physical health benefits that come with getting some fresh air and light exercise. So grab your walking shoes (yes, I have a pair of my own) and let’s get to talking!

LGBT Therapy
Therapy Louisville

Couples Therapy

Relationship problems to relationship goals. In couples counseling, we will collectively unpack and get to know issues that have been hindering you and your partner from growing together. The goal is to leave each session with more insight, awareness, and strategies to help you and your significant other reach your full couple potential.

Group Therapy

The latest and greatest service here at Derby City Counseling! Group therapy provides an additional layer of support and benefit that cannot always be achieved in individual therapy. These process groups are open to all Derby City Counseling clients. 

Please email for more info!

Therapy Louisville
Therapy Louisville


All the things we wished we learned in school instead of how to solve for X. Grab a pen and paper and let’s get to work!


Below are trainings currently offered:

     - How to build real-time resiliency

     - How to develop an attitude of gratitude

     - How to increase mindfulness skills

     - How to increase your level of empathy

Interested in a private workshop or training for your company or team? Please email for more info!

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